2021 Insurance Protocol Changes that can affect your HST and OSA patients!

Do you want to overcom the new insurance protocols that can
slow down treatment and payment approval times?

Dr. Howard J Hoffman and Elite Sleep have put together a summary of reported changes that may minimize or eliminate these potential “glitches”.

I am Dr. Howard J. Hoffman and I would like to share new information with you regarding Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Home Sleep Testing (HST) Insurance Protocols changes.

But first let me share with you some of the reports we have gathered from offices due to the new protocol changes.

  • Delays in treatment approvals
  • Rejections for treatment options when new HST documentation aren’t followed
  • Increased requests for more information
  • Rejections for missing documentation
  • Rejections for not using the EXACT Required Wording in chart records

The biggest change is the Impact on options for changing treatment modalities for 5 years if not documented “properly” from day 1

Is this something you are already experiencing?
Do you need assistance on how to adhere to new insurance protocol updates?

This may affect your office in many ways:

Affect 1

Patient and Doctor Frustration in Timely Treatment

Affect 2

Patients blaming the doctor and the office for the delays or rejections

Affect 3

Patients upset about increased financial obligations due to decreased payments or rejections from their insurance carrier

This may present new challenges to the effectiveness of your treatment
for your patients and your BOTTOM LINE.


Decreased patient treatment acceptance

Lower payments by Insurance Carriers

Increased TIME spent by Billing department in dealing with approvals, rejections, requests for information, appeals

Employee performance due to job frustrations and dissatisfaction

Change is unavoidable, Time to Update!


Suggestion 1

Face to Face visit requirements for approvals

Suggestion 2

What constitutes a VALID HST?

Suggestion 3

Time requirements for Valid Test for Treatment (1 or 2 years) depending upon the carrier

Suggestion 4

What words to incorporate into the Mandatory Face-to-Face “Report of Findings” visit to allow for treatment options (ie Oral Appliance Therapy, Inspire, or other surgeries), if changes are necessary during the course of treatment.
(Some changes may be allowed, however, they may need additional visits, tests, and additional documentation to validate the necessity for changes)

Suggestion 5

Prescriptions for Oral Appliance Therapy may require inclusion of specific details to be accepted by the insurance carrier. We have included a downloadable, PDF that can be filled out online for your use. Modify as you please.

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) using a Dental Mouthpiece (Mandibular Repositioning Device) may be a viable option, if your patient has mild or moderate OSA and cannot or will not use PAP therapy.
Oral Appliance Therapy may be used for Severe OSA for your patients who have tried or refused to try PAP, and therefore, cannot or will not comply with PAP or surgery options.

Suggestion 6

7 Questions to Ask a Dentist Prior to Referring a Patient for Oral Appliance Therapy

Please note: If your patient fails at PAP therapy, and hasn’t changed mode of therapy within 90 days, and documented the return of the PAP machine, there may NOT be allowable insurance coverage for any therapy for 5 years! (Every policy may be different. Insurance carriers may, at their discretion, allow for changes (with your documentation of necessity). Please check with each carrier and each policy for contractual obligations.

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