live webinar

Sleep Apnea Webinar
with Q & A

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Let me help you Answer what Sleep Apnea is and if you might Have It:
  1. Curious? Concerned? Worried? 
  2. Is  Sleep Apnea Dangerous?
  3. What Does Sleep Apnea Look Like? What are the Symptoms?
  4. What does Sleep Apnea Cause? Consequences?
  5. Who Gets Sleep Apnea? AM I AT RISK???
  6. How Do I Find Out if I Have Sleep Apnea?
  7. What are my options if I am at risk or if I have Sleep Apnea?
  8. Does Insurance Help Cover Sleep Apnea Treatment?
  9. What about Medicare?
How Sleep Apnea affects our Daily Lives:
  • Does Snoring Affect Your Relationships?
  • Not feeling like your old self?
  • Worried about your health?
  • Moodiness?
  • Drowsy driving?
  • Performance at Work?
  • Performance in the Bedroom?
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    Live Q & A

    After the webinar, we will be having a live Q & A about Sleep Apnea and how I can help you solve your sleep apnea concerns.

    About Howard J. Hoffman, DDS

    CEO of Elite Sleep and Snore and Sleep Apnea Solutions

    Hi! I'm Howard J. Hoffman, D.D.S. Actually, my patients and even friends call me Doc H. You may remember hearing me talking about conscious sedation on the radio, which earned me another nickname, "Miami's original sedation dentist." I am a member of the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD).

    Having practiced dentistry for over 45 years and working in Sleep Apnea since 1997.