First Visit What to Expect

Congrats on your decision to Address your Snoring and Sleep Apnea

No matter where you are in your journey to achieving a Better Night’s Sleep.

Not sure if you have Sleep Apnea or not

Recently diagnosed and looking for YOUR best treatment option

Diagnosed ? Tried CPAP ? Intolerant ?

Everyone has their own reason for 
looking for a better night’s sleep.

What's yours?

We Invite You To Speak
To Dr. Hoffman About It

The First Thing You Should Do To Begin,

Is to schedule your appointment. 

When You Arrive

You will be seen ON TIME
We respect your valuable time

DocH will listen to your sleep concerns
and really 
hear you

Together we will review your health history,

your sleep history and your sleep study.

DocH will examine and determine if you are a

candidate for oral appliance therapy

Together we will review

your treatment options

Oral Appliance



We will help guide you and help you achieve your goals with the best advice and tools we have to offer.

We will work your physicians, or help refer you to additional doctors to be part of YOUR SLEEP TEAM

We will Discuss Financials

We work with most insurance companies

Dr. Hoffman will discuss and explain the treatment options appropriate for you.

We will also discuss the fees for each treatment option.

You will be the one who decides your course of treatment.

You will know what to expect before beginning your treatment.

(We will give you an estimate of what to expect from your insurance carrier. Please understand that every policy is different and their coverage decisions are constantly changing).