What are Sleep Apnea treatment options?

Sleep apnea, how's it treated? Well, what are the sleep apnea treatment options? Okay, well, there are three main, there are three main treatment options. I mentioned them a little earlier on. These are the three primary first line therapies, as described by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. And they're all FDA approved, number one, and they're all strike number one. Remember, the treatment of choice is always the treatment option chosen by the patient, the physician who's making the recommendations will certainly list in order which ones he thinks are appropriate, and can find out and ask what the rationale is behind it. And then you'll either follow his first choice or ask What else can be done. Okay, so the three primary choices, number one is the CPAP machine called continuous positive air pressure.

This is a machine on the side of the bed with a mask and a hose that blows air in, that pushes everything out of the way, and air gets into the lungs. Number two, is surgery called Inspire. and inspire surgery is done by an EMT physician where they put a lead going to your ribs and another lead to the nerve that controls your tongue. Okay, and if you're not breathing, okay, the it gives a if you're not breathing, it's recognized that the that the nerve that controls the tongue is triggered to move the tongue out of the airway. The third choice isn't dental oral appliance, the dental oral appliance positions the jaw so that it moves the tongue out of the airway and thereby allowing an easy flow of air into the lungs. Okay, so those are the three main choices. Okay? And those are the three main choices that will be presented to you and, and the rationale for which choice the physician recommends should be discussed. And then the choice is made. Okay, depending on what the physician recommends, and what you decide what's going to be appropriate for you that you're going to follow the instructions and be compliant