What Sleep Apnea sounds like?

What sleep apnea sounds like? Have you ever slept the hot side somebody? Have you ever slept beside somebody that snores all night. And you watch and you listen, having trouble going to sleep and all of a sudden they stop. And then you hear them gasping for air. Sometimes it's a momentary stopping and gasping. I don't like this. That's a gasp for air, you actually stopped breathing momentarily. went right back to sleep. Never knew that it happened. And if your significant other is sleeping, they're not going to pick up on it either. Or they're just going to think it's normal, ignore it and go back to sleep.

So sleep apnea is characterized by heavy duty snoring, but not necessarily so and gasping for air. And sometimes, it's a long long wait between breaths, no. Okay, and what we do is we measure the number of times he stopped breathing for 10 seconds or more. That's a long, long time, especially if it happens 1020 30 times or more every single hour. - 278 - What happens if you're sleeping alone and you don't know? What you may want to do is record yourself. Turn, turn your phone on and just let it play all night long. Let it record and you'll see, you'll hear and you'll know. So that's a simple thing to do. Just check yourself out by recording yourself while you sleep.