What Sleep Apnea feels like?

What sleep apnea feels like? Imagine you're sleeping calmly. You're resting as far as you know. And all of a sudden, you wake up with a jolt, you feel like you're can breathe, you're choking. You get scared to jump up out of bed. And then many times people tell me, they're afraid to go back to sleep, they're afraid that they're just not going to be not going to wake up again. They feel like they're choking and gasping for air and just get really scared and really worried. And others. They don't feel it at all.

They don't realize that they stopped breathing. When when they wake up in the morning, and I feel like got hit by a Mack truck. To overtired didn't feel well rested. You feel like you're tired and grouchy the rest of the day. That's what it feels like. You may have excessive daytime sleepiness and feeling rotten. You feel like you have to take a nap during the during the day. Okay, when you never nap before. If you'd like chi at work, you're not on top of your game anymore. These are their main many things that people don't associate with sleep apnea. But you really feel the effects of it all day long.