What are the common questions on Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea questionnaires. And sleep apnea questionnaire is something we have the patient or prospective patient fill out, before we even begin to test and check whether or not sleep apnea is, is in the game, whether it's something you should watch out for. The most common, commonly used questionnaire is called the Epworth sleepiness scale. We have a copy of this, that you can click on and print out if you like. What's, what I usually recommend is that you print out two of them. One that you fill out yourself and another, you have your significant other fill out for you. You might even want to print another set of two and have your significant other do it on themselves and you do it as well. You do one you may want to print out a second copy of the Epworth sleepiness scale. And you do want on your spouse and let them do one for you. And then take a look and see, you know, what your significant other believes is your issue and what you believe is your own issue, and vice versa. 

Another commonly used test is called the stop, bang. Okay, and we have a copy of that as well. And when we do this week, we look at things and we say, Gee, Do you snore? Are you overtired during the day? Has anyone observed that you stopped breathing? And told you so? Okay, what's your blood pressure? You may not know but you can easily get that checked or have it checked when you visit the office. And then what's your BMI? We look it up on the scale when we hit that we can easily find if you Google it, and we look up what the height we've combined the height and weight and we look up on this on this on the we check out your BMI. We get your height and weight and we put those numbers in to into a into a chart and we can see what your BMI is and where you fit and where you fit in on the on the weight on the BMI scale. Whether you're whether you're within normal limits, whether obese or whether then