Sleep Apnea VS Insomnia

Insomnia. What's the difference between sleep apnea versus insomnia? Very commonly asked. Sometimes people have both. Sleep apnea is when you're sleeping, and there's a blockage, and you can't get air in the lungs. Insomnia means you're having trouble falling asleep. Or if you wake up in the during the night, you have trouble falling back to sleep. It's two different issues. And sometimes people have both. Okay? It's not one or the other. It can be one or the other.

Would many times it could be both people have trouble falling asleep. It usually takes most people about five minutes, 510 minutes tops. When I get people coming in and they say, gee, it took me half an hour. I'm taking some sleep aids to help me get to sleep. And then I will ask, what are the sleep aids that you're taking? Is it causing your airway to collapse while you're sleeping? So we want to make sure that we have the medications for sleep, to get help get to the sleep, not interfere with you staying asleep?