Sleep Apnea Insurance

Are Sleep Apnea Machines covered by insurance?This these are the insurance questions I sleep apnea appliance, or sleep apnea machines covered by insurance? Are the sleep apnea machines covered by Medicare? The answer to this is typically, yes, there is coverage for your sleep apnea machines as there is coverage for oral appliance therapy. Now, the coverage is going to vary from policy to policy. And you're going to want to check with your insurance carrier to find out what their rules and regs are. Most of the the doctors who prescribe the CPAP machines are well aware of what the insurance companies will cover or not cover or when they'll cover them. Okay, but everything is dictated for buyer by the policy that you own, by the insurance companies.

 Everything the coverage is dictated by the insurance company and the policy that you or your employer purchased. So be sure to check into that. You may not know the correct questions to ask the insurance company. So be sure to ask the insurance coordinator at the medical office that is prescribing the CPAP machine for you. No one is going to get you no one is going to sell you a CPAP machine without no one's going to sell you a CPAP machine without a prescription from your physician. So they are the physician is the appropriate one to ask about coverage for the CPAP sleep apnea machines. Okay, if you're going to get an oral appliance, okay, you're going to want to check with the qualified dentist who is going to be creating or who's going to be fabricating the oral appliance for you