Who diagnoses OSA? Who treats?

Who diagnosis and who treats? Okay, so now, you think you have sleep apnea. So the question comes up. So what do I do about it? Who? Who diagnosis sleep apnea? Where do I go? What kind of Doctor Who? Who diagnosis it? Who diagnosis sleep apnea and who treat sleep apnea. I need to know where to begin. Well, the first thing you do is it's to sleep apnea is typically diagnosed officially by a Board Certified sleep specialist. If you don't know one, they usually pulmonologist sometimes their EMT physicians or neurologists. Okay. You can start with your primary care doc to look up asleep doc on the internet, or to speak to a dentist or your primary care doc and say, Where can I go to get tested for sleep. And they will refer you to the appropriate place to do either an in lab sleep study called a polysomnography. PSG, or an HST, which stands for home sleep test. Over 90 95% of all tests are done at home with a home sleep study. So a home sleep test. Okay, so now, we found out that you have sleep apnea.

 So what do you do next? Well, you're gonna find somebody to treat the sleep apnea, off times, the board certified sleep doc that you went to, is going to recommend that you get treated and he'll treat you and, and the sleep doc will usually treat you with a either a CPAP machine, or he'll refer you to any anti physician for surgery or to a dentist for an ad weary to a dentist for an oral appliance called oral appliance therapy. Okay, all three of these procedures do the trick. Most of the time, and they're considered first line therapies. There are other therapies that are done by oral surgeons by orthodontists and other treatments are done by either orthodontists oral surgeons that to treat sleep apnea, but you want to start off, you know, with getting diagnosed by a Board Certified sleep doc and take who will tell you whether or not you have sleep apnea, whether it's mild, moderate, or severe, and we'll make some recommendations as to how to get treated and then find the appropriate person to the appropriate professional. Who will make a recommendation as to what type of treatment he recommends, what your options are, and what type of physician to go till. Be it. Anti pulmonologist or dentist