Why does Sleep Apnea make you feel Tired?

Why does sleep apnea make you feel tired? Why sleep apnea makes you tired. If you aren't getting a good seven and a half to eight hours sleep every single night, you're gonna be overtired. Even if you think that you slept seven and a half to eight hours sleep and it's not a good sleep because you have interrupted sleep all night long to the sleep apnea, or any other factor, okay? You never get into a deep, deep sleep or REM sleep. And this is when the body repairs itself and heals itself.

So it's crucial to get the good good deep sleep. Otherwise, you're not going to function properly during the course of the day. You have excessive that you can have excessive daytime sleepiness. You may feel like you need to take a nap when you didn't have to take a nap ever in your life before. And all of a sudden, you need naps every afternoon, where you can those right off after after a heavy meal after lunch. Without alcohol. You're still able to just goes right off. Okay? And of course, overtired and drowsy driving goes hand in hand.