What Medications affect Sleep Apnea?

Medications. What medications affect sleep apnea? Well, a lot of people take sleep aids who have trouble getting asleep. Some of the sleep aids that people take are over the counter. Some are prescribed by their physicians. One thing to note, most, most important, is every prescription is prescribed for a reason. Never stop or change your prescription without consulting with your physician first.

Never, never, never, always check with the prescribing doc and tell him that you have sleep apnea and want to know if there's any interactions with any other medications that you're taking, especially those to go to sleep. For example, some of the benzo days of hymns and, like Xanax if you take a Xanax or Ativan and Xanax, cause a problem can Xanax cause sleep apnea death, possibly, okay, being in the benzo family, it can ruin relax and loosen up the muscles in the airway, causing them to collapse and make the airway smaller, which can impair and impede the air from getting into your lungs. So you must get checked out by your physician about and speak to them about any medications that you're taking. Either prescribed or over the counter before you do anything different. Never change your prescription routine without speaking to your physician first