Can Sleep Apnea cause Heart Problems?

Can sleep apnea cause heart problems? can sleep apnea cause high blood pressure? Can it cause hypertension? Okay? Yes, yes, yes. Sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure. How does this happen? Inflammation, the inflammation in the blood vessels, okay? causes the heart to have to pump harder. Okay, when you stop breathing, okay, the heart has to kick start, every single time, it puts a strain on the heart, some major cause of high blood pressure and strokes. Same thing, if you have afib, you're going to want to speak to your doctor about getting checked out for sleep apnea. met so many people have a fib that have sleep apnea, and vice versa, vice versa. Okay, every time you stop breathing, bam, your heart has to kick start, bam, bam, bam, all night long.

Sleep apnea can be one of the culprits that can cause high blood pressure. Same thing, if you ever had a cardiac event, okay, it's inherent on you to ask for a sleep study. Because they don't always do it. However, we're going to find more than 50 to 60, maybe even 70% of people who've had a cardiac event that landed them in the hospital. Okay, we're gonna have some sleep apnea. And the only way to know is to insist on having a sleep study done afterwards. So many people who have not had a sleep study, or who have had a sleep study and don't get treated end up back in the hospital again, in a short period of time with another cardiac event. So it is imperative that you get checked out all the time on a regular basis for hypertension. Okay, get checked out with the cardiologist or your primary care doc for AFib or if you suspect that you have AFib Okay, and if you do have a cardiac event, you most certainly want to get tested for sleep.