Can Sleep Apnea cause Headaches?

Headaches can sleep apnea cause headaches? How does this happen? Why does supply does sleep apnea cause headaches? Well, sleep apnea, it's very common to have morning headaches very common to occur when you don't have a good night's sleep. So sleep apnea is very, is a is a major cause of morning headaches, as well as grinding your teeth while you sleep. Okay, it's causing TMJ issues that cause a headache through the muscles, overworking. Usually cause in the morning morning when you wake up. migraines and cluster headaches may increase with sleep apnea. But start while you're asleep. Morning sleep apnea headaches are more common. And there are other factors that contribute to the headaches with sleep apnea. lack of oxygen when they sleep apneic events, grinding clenching teeth during the night, take with constant interruptions to your sleep all night long. You'll never get into a really good deep restful sleep.

You wake up feeling like or run over by a Mack truck. And that'll leave you with a major headache. And you could be out of sort all days long. With headaches on and off. While the sleep apnea cause headaches all the time. No, no, no, not necessarily. Okay, you're not out of the woods. If you don't get out and get headaches. You may still have sleep apnea. Okay, it does. Headaches don't happen all of the time with sleep apnea. But it can Of course, if you're getting headaches very often, okay, you may want to check with a primary care doctor and neurologist to rule out migraine headaches and other severe causes of headaches. Okay? Best to play it safe and check it all out.