Why Sleep Apnea Happens?

Why does sleep apnea happen? Well, we always blame and can blame the Propecia heredity. Our genes set us up for things, okay? And give us a propensity to have sleep apnea. It may run in the family did your folks nor did they gasp for air? Most people don't know. They don't remember they didn't pay attention. But heredity has something to do with it. But most importantly, is your anatomy. What's the shape of your airway? The shape of your jaw? Is the room for your tongue. What size How big is your tongue? How big is you use? Are there nasal blockages with something else.

There are many different things that can cause sleep apnea. And we want to get to the bottom of it and make sure that we get that airway opened up for you so that you can sleep comfortably and get air through your nose down into your lungs properly. Inflammation is a major problem with almost every condition that we have in the body. So the ability of your body to ward off inflammation and heal is a major factor in getting your sleep apnea under control.