What is Sleep Apnea Tongue?

There are a couple of other terms that I've heard. But we don't hear too often. Sometimes people come in and they say, I've been told I have a sleep apnea ton. I have a sleep apnea uvula. What are they talking about? Well, it took a little bit to figure it out. It sounds kind of weird. But some people have a super large tongue. And you really don't know that you do. Imagine the size of the tongue. Gene Simmons. You know, that's a large tongue. I bet you that he has trouble getting keeping that out of his airway.  But it can also be the swallowing pattern, we could tell where the tongue resides. We look at the tongue anatomy.

The position in relation to your teeth and jaws. And then we hear the term sleep apnea uvula. Most people don't ask about that. When we look inside the mouth and we look at the size of the uvula. Sometimes it hangs all the way down. It's what we call elongated. Sometimes it looks enlarged and swollen. And that can block the airway as well. There's so many different factors. But that's the term sleep apnea, sleep Tang and sleep uvula.