What are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Are CPAP machines machines good for you? The answer is yes. Basically they are. They are lifesavers, okay? They blow air in, they always work as long as you use them, as long as you wear them. Statistically. After a few months, definitely, by the end of the first year, only about 40% of the people that have CPAP machines are using them.

Now, a lot of the newer machines have what they call a compliance chip in there, where it measures or detects the number of days and the number of hours per night that you're using machine. Which is kind of silly, okay, in that you're either wearing it or you're not wearing it. If you're wearing it, four nights a week, only three hours a night, the insurance company may say that's okay. And they'll let you go on with it. However, if you're not wearing it, if you're only wearing it one or two nights a week, they're gonna take it away from you. Okay, and you're not gonna have anything.

Now, remember, there is no residual effect when using a sleep apnea CPAP machine, there is no residual effect. If you don't, the nights that you're not wearing it, were the nights that you take it off in the middle of the night. You're not being protected. You are you're you're flirting with danger. In that limit, the machine is not in use, and air is still not getting into your lungs. And it's not enough. If you do it only two or three nights a week. I don't worry if you only do it for half of the night. It doesn't do you any better. Good. Okay, but when you use them, okay, they are great.

People love them, or they hate them. And they love them because they feel better in the morning. And then not as tired during the day. But if they don't use them, insurance company is going to take it away from you. And Medicare has a rule that if you if they take it away from you, you have no treatment options with them for five years. And that doesn't seem to make sense. Because you know, the insurance companies, they're going to have a lot more expenses. If you end up in the hospital with a heart attack and your significant other is not going to be thrilled if you die