Physician & Dentist Frequently Asked Questions

Does the style of the MAD appliance make a difference?

Each Oral appliance is custom fitted for the patient. The selection of the oral appliance is dependent on the anatomy of the jaw. The health and position of the teeth, whether the patient is a mouth breather, or grinds their teeth are also factors that are taken into consideration.

We offer different appliances, so that we can select the one best suited for the patient.

What type of patient would be best suited for OAT?

Lower AHI 

Lower BMI


Retruded jaws

CPAP intolerant

How much will it cost my patients?

We understand the importance of maximizing each patient’s insurance benefit for them. Every policy is different with different fee schedules, deductibles, coinsurances, and copays.

Patients always have an estimate of their out-of-pocket expenses before any treatment is started.

Elite Sleep works with most traditional insurance carriers and Medicare. We recently joined Avmed as an “in-network” provider.

What does our treatment protocol and process consist of?

We follow the protocols established by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

We require a recent baseline sleep study (PSG or HST) with a Prescription and LOMN from the referring sleep physician. We have a downloadable sample prescription on our website.

The patient is screened and examined to determine whether or not they are a candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy. The style of appliance is chosen based on the patient’s anatomy, dental evaluation, and oral habits. 

How will we communicate with doc  regarding a referred patient?

We will inform you of each step in the process.

1) Patient scheduled or not,
2) Examination SOAP notes and treatment plan,
3) Delivery of Appliance visit SOAP notes,
4) Follow up visits (if desired), and
5) Referral back for Follow up Sleep Study to verify efficacy,
6) Annual follow visit notes.

We will customize the protocol to your practice preferences.

If I send a patient to Elite Sleep to be fitted for an oral appliance, will he/she have to undergo additional screening protocols or treatment?

Elite Sleep is committed to working as part of a multidisciplinary TEAM to deliver excellent care, with consideration of and respect for the treatment the patient is receiving from our colleagues in the medical community. 

Why not use a Boil and bite?

Several reasons:

1) Patient is NOT a candidate for oral appliance therapy

2) Preexisting TMJ Dysfunction or exacerbation of a predisposition for TMJ Dysfunction

3) False sense of security. If snoring ceases, the Sleep Apnea may not be under control. Without a baseline and follow-up study, this can be dangerous.

What are some contraindications for an oral appliance?

1) Periodontal Disease

2) Not enough teeth

3) Gagger

4) Severe untreated TMJ issues, and inability to move his jaw through a normal range of motion

Do oral appliances change the patient’s bite?

There is always the possibility of the bite changing with any appliance. This is closely monitored and tracked at each visit. Patients receive a morning repositioner and an exercise regimen to help maintain their existing acquired bite.

What if patient grinds his teeth?

If the patient grinds his teeth, they may be putting extra stress on their Temporomandibular Joint, as they try to find the most comfortable jaw position.

The proper appliance is recommended to the patient as well as exercises to mitigate any potential issues.

Have any other questions?

Email your questions to [email protected]